MTGA Pro Tracker

MTGA Pro Tracker is advanced Magic The Gathering Arena tracking tool designed to automatically upload collection, decks, battles, draft and inventory from your game client to our server. No manual collection input, no manual uploads. New cards, battles, drafts are added immediately after events are happening in the game. See Tutorial to find out how to use it.

What can I do with MTGA Pro Tracker?

  • Real Time Collection & Decks Import
  • Use in-game overlay to get help in matches and drafts
  • Track your Events, Matches and Inventory including Vault
  • Deckbuild using your current collection
Track everything in Magic Arena!
Get MTGA PRO Tracker
from GitHub
Current version: 1.8.9. Updated 2019/09/21
You need to register to get token

Tracker Stats since Open Beta Launch

134 K
New Arena Players
18.57 M
Matches Tracked
2.78 M
Decks Uploaded
950 K
Events Played
Now playing

Enable Detailed Logs!

In order to use tracker you need to enable detailed logging, so we could access your in-game events.

How to enable detailed logs in MTG Arena? Just go to Options -> View account and switch on "Detailed Logging" checkbox.

Full Features List

In-game Overlay:

  • Get help with draft based on thousands of successful draft analyzed (with 3:3 result and better)
  • Do rare-drafting with ease: tracker shows how many cards do you have in collection while drafting
  • See how many cards you have left in the deck and which cards you opponent already played
  • See your decks with personal and global winrate
  • Customize every detail of the interface.

Deck builder:

  • Build decks with cards you have
  • Share&Brew tool: share your collection with other players so they can build decks using your collection
  • See how much cards do you miss to complete deck

Community Decks Explorer:

  • See the decks you can construct with collection you have
  • Get Craftable decks which you can make using your Wildcards
  • See how much boosters you need to open to complete deck

Collection manager:

  • Automatic import
  • Export in CSV
  • Table view
  • Filters for owned, unowned, full-4-set, no-4-set

Progress Tracking:

  • Collection completion progress
  • Matches performance
  • Gold and gems dynamics
  • Vault progress (unveiling hidden vault!)


  • Events types are stored
  • Opponent's cards and nicks are stored
  • Matches duration calculated


  • Draft packs and picks
  • Draft deck
  • Draft matches result
  • Duration


  • See cards you are getting from booster
  • Track wildcards rewards

Is it legal and safe to use Tracker?

The program is legal to use because it does not modify any game executable files and/or hacks game to get information from it. We just use open logs, available to every user, from AppData directory. We have only that level of in-game support that you can get by yourself, using paper and pencil, so it can't be called cheating. It just keeps record of your game process history. Also, app code is digitally signed, publisher is trusted.

Why do you need detailed logging?

Because only detailed logging contains two crucial elements for tracking: consistent timestamps of every event in log and detailed JSOn data about that event. Short logs contain only partial data, useful only for game debugging and optimization. So short logs are more for devs themselves, and detailed logs are for 3rd party devs like we are.

Will detailed logging slow down my PC and/or game?

Main reasoning of devs to make this change was performance optimization. BUT on modern PC generation of text file at average speed about 500-700 KB per minute is nothing, as well as generation of log file on Unity-based game. Windows itself with all it's background processes consumes more computing power than logging.  So the only three conditions when you really may notice performance difference are:

  • Very, VERY outdated PC, like 10 years old.
  • Very slow HDD.
  • Very messy Windows installation with tons of garbage slowing down PC.

If this is not your case, you can enable logs and use tracker without any doubt.

Installation Step-by-Step Guide

IMPORTANT! Program needs .NET 4.6.2 or higher to work. If app doesn't start on your PC (no interface shows up after you launch EXE) you should install .NET from here!

  • Download MTGA Pro Tracker latest release from GitHub. USE ONLY DOWNLOADED FROM GITHUB MSI!
  • Launch MSI Installer.
  • Get your token from widget on the top of the page. You must be registered user to get token!
  • Copy this digit-letter code and paste it to input field of Tracker app.
  • Right after you paste the code, your username (from website) will be displayed in the app window. Tokens are being stored, token authorization happens just once. Next time you launch the app, it will remember youyr token and username.
  • That's it! If  you've launched MTGA on his PC before, upload will start instantly. And when new cards will be added, those will be updated as well.

Overlay Hotkeys

Alt+Q to see your cards
Alt+W to see opponent
Alt+~ to collapse/expand the overlay.
Alt+O (not zero, letter O) - to completely hide overlay or show it back.

Tracker Is Not Updating?

App crashes or not starting? No recent updates uploaded? Follow steps:
  1. Make sure you have latest version downloaded from GitHub. It's updated to be compatible with latest MTGA version.
  2. Be sure that you have .NET 4.6.2 or higher
  3. If you are able to see app interface, just click FULL RESET button, then re-input your token. This action DOES NOT affect already stored in your account informaion.
  4. Try to reboot your PC
  5. Check if antiviruses or firewalls are blocking app traffic, add app to exception

Bugs & suggestions? Feel free to report

MTGA Pro Tracker Updates & Changelog

Normally program updates itself automatically when updates are avaliable. But sometimes this mechanism may not work. So if you see, that program version in lower right corner is not the same as on this page, you should download new version and replace EXE. User token will remain installed.

v.1.8.3 released 29/07/2019 (Updated MTGA log format fixes)

  • Tracker is now able to parse new log format
  • Date-related issues are fixed

v.1.7.7 released 18/06/2019 (Multiple Accounts Fix)

  • Long-lasting issue with multiple accounts support was finally fixed. At least, we hope so. We will keep closely monitor bug reports in this regard.
  • Many tiny bugfixes and improvements for more stable tracking.

v.1.7.6 released 15/06/2019 (Progress Bar)

  • Process of long logs reading was slow and confusing for many users. We added nice progress bar so you could see log reading process.

v.1.7.2 released 04/06/2019 (Time Globalization)

  • Added custom time formats
  • New date formats can now be controlled from server, so no new releases after each new date format found.
  • Added tracking system which will help to collect all timestamp standards used in log.

v.1.6.9 released 26/05/2019 (Catch-Up Fix)

  • Issues with old logs uploads and syncing of data from gaming sessions without Tracker was running are fixed.

v.1.6.8 released 26/05/2019 (Quickfix)

  • Scan Old Logs issue resolved
  • Warning dialog about another trackers running disabled
  • Improved stability of long logs reading

v.1.6.7 released 26/05/2019 (Stability Update)

  • “Can’t parse date” issue fixed
  • Implemented more simplistic yet more stable data uploads method
  • Tiny bug fixes

v.1.6.6 released 25/04/2019 (Maintenance Release)

  • WAR cards added

v.1.6.4 released 05/03/2019 (Maintenance Release)

  • Starting to fix bugs, caught by monitoring system.

v.1.6.3 released 04/03/2019 (Maintenance Release)

  • Significantly improved crashes tracking, which will let us to improve stability in the next releases.
  • Proper registry keys removal on uninstall.

v.1.6.1 released 19/02/2019 (Maintenance Release)

  • Overlay bugs fixes according to users reports. Now decks are rendering properly after first match played.
  • Option to disable hotkeys (if they overlap with other software you use).
  • Better data upload: now all events happening in singe second time span will be processed correctly (it was only the latest event from the second processed before).
  • Many tiny fixes, leading to better stability.
  • Changed “other trackers policy”. Now app just warns you about the risks, and warns you once per run. You can use several trackers at your own risk.

v.1.6.0 released 04/02/2019 (In-game Overlay fixes)

  • Overlay bugs fixes according to users reports
  • New settings, giving even more customization to overlay

v.1.5.9 released 31/01/2019 (In-game Overlay)

  • Added in-game overlay with 3 modes: matches, decks and draft helper
  • Added detailed settings for overlay
  • Improved app interface
  • Code signed. Now antiviruses will not get triggered with our software.

To enable overlay just click respective button in the app interface.

v.1.5.3 released 03/01/2019 (New Year Update)

  • Notifications from developers in the app. So you will not need to look for info about tracking issues on Twitter or Reddit.
  • Better update notifications. You will see update button right after update is out.
  • More stable matches tracking. No opponent’s cards from previous matches will get into next match.
  • Remote restart. Now tracker will restart itself when needed. So new features will be available without action required from user.
  • Protection from log overgrowing. Now if your MTGA log grows huge, app deals with it properly.
  • More stable uploads. Risk of tracker get stuck so you need manual full reset is minimal.
  • In-game time counter. You will now how much time you spent on MTGA on daily basis.

v.1.5.2 released 21/11/2018 (No initial upload)

  • Fix of unwanted behavior when app uploads old data from the log on every startup, even if that data already was uploaded.

v.1.5.1 released 21/11/2018 (Better UX)

  • Data upload progress bar shows process of big logs uploads
  • Buttons are being disabled when they are useless anyway or shouldn’t be pressed
  • Manual Reset now cleans up AppData folder, so no need to manually clean it

v.1.5.0 released 21/11/2018 (Catch-up Mode)

  • NEW: introduced manual re-sync and old logs reading
  • Improved data delivery on server leading to more stable data uploads
  • Now tracker gets all battles from latest log even if it wasn’t running
  • Fixed time. Finally users will get time recorded according to their timezones
  • Backlog: still no direct challenges decks detection. Will add this feature later.

What’s coming up next?

Want to be part of development process? Welcome to our Patreon! There you can support us and get involved! Also you can get some insights at our dedicated Subreddit.