Check out MTG Arena Pro Mobile App

We are getting ready for release on mobile. And here’s iOS and Android version in beta, so you could test it and give us some feedback:

Feel free to enroll, comment, share your thoughts etc, etc.

Key features:

  • Live match Second Screen experience. We don’t implement on screen overlay, but you can use much better option – in-app tool. It’s experimental and have some stability issues, but it’s already awesome.

  • Social Feed on your fingertips. See your progress and progress of your friends.

  • All decks from site in easy to navigate form.

  • Matches history.

  • Comfy collection list with all your cards.

Basically mobile app gives almost everything good we have on our website, but, well, in mobile form. So enjoy!

The main credit for app creation to our new team member, u/RedLeBoGoss who made it possible on so short term.

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