Magic: The Gathering – The Planeswalker Tournament

Before the War of the Spark set will be released, we have another chance to have a fun voting for favorite Planeswalkers. Here is the bracket created by WOTC team:

Here’s what organizers say:

So you like walking the planes? Do you consider yourself a planes… walker? Well, as you may know, War of the Spark has 36 Planeswalkers in the set! That’s a lotta Planeswalkers. And you know what one does when there are that many Planeswalkers? Well, you vote for your favorite in a head to head competition, duh. What else would one do?

We are proud to announce The Planeswalker Tournament! We have created the perfect* bracket of 36 Planeswalkers and we want you to vote on them! But before you vote, be sure to download the bracket and fill it out. Because those who (somehow) get a perfect bracket will receive a foil set of all 36 Planeswalkers in War of the Spark! Win, and you’ll slide into your next FNM as the coolest person there, sunglasses indoors and all.

From now until Friday, April 12th, you can fill out your bracket and submit it to [email protected]. But be sure to have both a DCI account in good standing, as well as an Organized Play Account. One bracket per person, naturally.

Starting on Monday, April 15th, voting will commence via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Voting rounds will last 24 hours (except for the final round), and all channel results will be combined to determine who advances. After each round, we will post the updated bracket reflecting which Planeswalkers advanced. The voting will be broken down in phases, as seen below:

  • Brackets Submissions Due – Friday, 4/12
  • Play in round (first four in) – 4/15
  • Second round part 1 – 4/16
  • Second round part 2 – 4/17
  • Third round – 4/18
  • Fourth round – 4/19
  • Fifth round – 4/22
  • Final round – 4/23 and 4/24
  • Final Bracket Announcement – 4/26

Those who submit a perfect bracket will win a set of 36 foil Planeswalkers from War of the Spark! Who do you think is going to win? Make sure to pay attention to our social channels and vote, and good luck to all of you.

Legal rules can be found here.

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