Preseason 2 in MTGA Begins

Preseason 2 will start shortly after the end of Preseason 1. Here’s important update from MTGA devs regarding upcoming changes.

There are a number of changes have been made to ranked formats, and we’ll go over everything in more details below. For those of you interested in the highlights:

  • Your Preseason 1 rank has been reset, and your new rank will be based on your rank in the previous seasons.
  • You will receive your seasonal rewards at the start of Preseason 2.
  • We’ve added Traditional Ranked to our ranked formats.
    • Both Arena and Traditional Ranked contribute to the same Constructed Rank.
  • Ranked Draft will no longer use MMR as a matchmaking criteria.
  • We’ve updated the progression tracks for both Ranked Constructed and Ranked Limited.
  • There are a few known issues remaining.

Seasonal Rewards

First off, you’ll receive your ranked seasonal rewards at the start of Preseason 2, not the end of Preseason 1. So when the clock strikes noon (Pacific Time) and you don’t receive your packs or gold, it’s all a part of the plan. Once Preseason 2 starts, you should receive and in-game notification and your rewards. Please Note: You will need to have played at least one game to receive ranked seasonal rewards, even if your profile shows you as being Bronze 4.

For Preseason 2, the only change is being made to seasonal rewards for is that players will receive boosters packs of Ravnica Allegiance at the end of the current season. This is where we point out one of those ‘known issues’, as the Season Rewards currently incorrectly shows Guilds of Ravnica booster packs.

New Ranked Format: Traditional Ranked (Best-of-Three Constructed)

As was announced back in January, devs are adding Traditional Ranked to our ranked formats. You’ll find Traditional Ranked under the “Find a Match” section in our Play Blade once Preseason 2 begins. Both Ranked and Traditional Ranked will contribute to your overall Constructed Rank, so you can progress with Ranked, Traditional Ranked, or a mix of both.

We are beginning Preseason 2 with one known shortcoming with Traditional Ranked: Each best-of-three match result will count as only one win or loss when it comes to Rank progression. Our intended goal is for Traditional Ranked matches to count as either two wins or two loses, depending on the results. We know this is less than ideal, and we plan to fix this as soon as possible.


Ranked Draft
Preseason 1: Rank, Win/Loss Record, Limited MMR
Preseason 2: Win/Loss Record, Rank

During Preseason 1, we saw a higher number of matches with mismatched Win/Loss records than we were expecting. This, combined with the feedback you provided around our use of MMR for Limited events lead us to rethink how we were approaching matchmaking in our new system. The conclusion we came to was MMR wasn’t necessary for us to our accomplish our goals when it came to supporting a Ranked draft environment.

For Preseason 2 your current Win/Loss record will be the primary weight, with Rank being a contributing factor. If all goes according to plan, you will now find yourself facing off against players with a similar Win/Loss record and Rank, with no MMR to muddy the matchmaking waters.

Progression Changes

For the Constructed ladder, we’ve adjusted the steps per tier to be 6 across the board. We’re hoping this change gives players a little more time in Silver and Bronze, a little less time in Platinum and Diamond, and for our most competitive players to be challenging each other in the Mythic ranks (instead of fighting just to reach Mythic).

Constructed (Arena/Traditional)

Preseason 2: Updated Steps Needed to Advance


Preseason 2 Progression Breakdown

RankSteps Gained with WinSteps Lost with DefeatSteps Needed to Advance a Tier


For Ranked Draft, we’ve lowered the amount of steps in the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond tiers to reduce the overall games needed for players to progress. We received a lot of feedback regarding the time and effort it takes to progress your Limited Rank so we’re hoping this helps alleviate some of that, especially for those of you who have your sights on Mythic.

Preseason 2: Updated Steps Needed to Advance


Preseason 2 Progression Breakdown

RankSteps Gained with WinSteps Lost with DefeatSteps needed to Advance a Tier

Seasonal Reset

With the start of Preseason 2 player ranks will be reset to a new rank based on your rank in the previous season. We previously shared this chart in our December 2018 Rank Matters update, but we’re going to include the reset chart below as we transition from Preseason 1 to Preseason 2 as a refresher:

Previous RankNew Rank
Bronze Tier 4Bronze Tier 4
Bronze Tier 3Bronze Tier 4
Bronze Tier 2Bronze Tier 4
Bronze Tier 1Bronze Tier 3
Silver Tier 4Bronze Tier 3
Silver Tier 3Bronze Tier 3
Silver Tier 2Bronze Tier 2
Silver Tier 1Bronze Tier 2
Gold Tier 4Bronze Tier 1
Gold Tier 3Silver Tier 4
Gold Tier 2Silver Tier 3
Gold Tier 1Silver Tier 2
Platinum Tier 4Silver Tier 1
Platinum Tier 3Gold Tier 4
Platinum Tier 2Gold Tier 4
Platinum Tier 1Gold Tier 3
Diamond Tier 4Gold Tier 3
Diamond Tier 3Gold Tier 2
Diamond Tier 2Gold Tier 2
Diamond Tier 1Gold Tier 1
MythicGold Tier 1

While the above chart remains unchanged from we’ve previously announced, we have a least one planned adjustments for rank resets at the end of Preseason 2:

Previous RankNew Rank
MythicPlatinum 4

Known Issues

  • Traditional Ranked matches (best-of-three games) only count as a single win or loss for step progression.
    • We intend for matches to count as either two wins or two losses depending on your match result.
    • Current plan is to hotfix this as soon as possible.
  • The Preseason 2 season rewards incorrectly display Guilds of Ravnica booster packs.
    • Players who receive ranked rewards will Ravnica Allegiance booster packs at the start of the next season.
  • if you have yet to claim your prize from an event that has ended (such as a weekend event), you will not receive any in-game notifications when you receive seasonal rewards.
    • The boosters and/or gold will still be added to your collection.
  • The seasonal rewards for Constructed Rank displays twice instead of showing your Constructed and Limited Rank rewards.
    • You should still receive the correct rewards based on the each Rank.

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