The First Mythic Championship on MTG Arena June 21-31

Competition for prize pool of $750,000 begun! You can watch live coverage here:

Each Arena player can qualify

Qualification process looks this way. The top sixteen Challengers from MTG Arena Mythic Qualifier Weekends will ultimately qualify for the $750,000 Mythic Championships. Here’s the broad outline of how you can be one of the sixteen. (Editor’s Note: This section has been updated for clarity.)

  • Be among the top 1,000 in Mythic Ranking in Constructed or Limited at the end of a qualifying month, and you will be eligible to compete in that season’s Mythic Qualifier Weekend (MQW).
  • On Saturday of the Mythic Qualifier Weekend, eligible Challengers will compete in Stage 1. Everyone who reaches the maximum number of wins will advance to Sunday’s Stage 2.
  • On Sunday of Mythic Qualifier Weekend, everyone who advanced will compete in a Swiss-paired tournament. The Top 16 players from that tournament will qualify for the Mythic Championship.
  • The March and April seasons will feed qualifying for Mythic Championship III with an MQW scheduled for the end of May or early June. Exact dates to be announced.
  • Additionally, the Top 4 placing non-MPL players in each MTG Arena Mythic Championship will be invited to the next MTG Arena Mythic Championship. For the first such event, Mythic Championship III, those four slots will go to the three winners of Pro Tour 25th Anniversary—Allen Wu, Ben Hull, and Gregory Orange—and the winner of Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica—Andrew Elenbogen.

Of course, there are more details. Read on for the finer print.

  • Players who reach the top 1,000 in Mythic Ranking will receive a token to qualify for an MQW. If players reach that level in both Constructed and Limited, they only receive one token.
  • For the Saturday event, players will compete until they achieve either the maximum number of wins or the maximum number of losses.
  • At least 128 Challengers will qualify for Stage 2 on Sunday. If too few players reach the maximum number of wins, additional challengers will advance to Stage 2 based on how well they did in the event. Exact details will be published before the first MQW.
  • The Sunday Stage 2 event will feature Swiss-paired play with format to be announced. It will not be best-of-one play.

Schedule of 2019’s tournaments

Mythic Championship I – February 22–24 – Cleveland, Ohio – Tabletop – $500,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship II – April 26–28 – London, England – Tabletop – $500,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship III – June/July TBA – MTG Arena – $750,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship IV – July 26–28 – Barcelona, Spain – Tabletop – $500,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship V – August/September TBA – MTG Arena – $750,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship VI – November 8–10 – Richmond, Virginia – Tabletop – $500,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship VII – November/December TBA – MTG Arena – $750,000 prize pool

Rank up in Magic: The Gathering Arena and you could compete at an upcoming Mythic Championship. Start honing your skills today and embark on a path to glory.

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