Upcoming MTG Arena 11/15/2018 update

So here’s what we know about upcoming update from devs stream:

  • Stack will now be a lot faster. It was set to 1 second and is now .4. For anyone not familiar with the stack, think of situations like polyraptor and having a ton of triggers that you have to press ok on. This should now be faster.

  • Popping treasures is a lot faster, making it easier to do 1000 year storm and anything regarding treasures!

  • Deck building now lets you sort by set by just clicking on the set. No longer have to type it in like now.

  • In BO3 the player that wins the coin toss can now choose to play first or last. From what I gather this is only BO3 format.

  • There is going to be a singleton metagame challenge mode coming out. No details on prizes, but should be similar to the constructed one.

  • There will be a Guilds of Ravnica Constructed event (can only make a deck with Guilds cards)

  • Sealed is coming back and M19 is the first one! If you have pre-release codes and didn’t use them they will still work (1 per account, so if you used it for Guilds then you cannot use it for DOM).

Summary by u/blade55555


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