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Upcoming MTG Arena 11/15/2018 update

So here’s what we know about upcoming update from devs stream: Stack will now be a lot faster. It was set to 1 second and is now .4. For anyone not familiar with the stack, [ more...]

MTGA Friends Coming November: Direct Challenge mode

According to official post on MTG Arena forums, challenging your friends (or your friendly competition) works like this: From the Home Menu, select the “Direct Challenge” button next to the Settings Cog Wheel. From there, [ more...]

New MTGA Events in October 2018: Singleton & GRN Draft

New Draft Event on October 11! At 8AM PT/3PM UTC on October 11, Magic: The Gathering Arena will rotate out the Core Set 2019 draft event and start a Guilds of Ravnica best-of-1 draft event! Entry is 750 gems or 5,000 [ more...]