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Sealed: Core Set 2020
BO1 Win: 7 Loss: 3
02 Jul — 27 Jul (25d left)
Traditional Draft: Core Set 2020
BO3 Win: 5 Loss: 2
08 Jul — 31 Aug (54d left)
Ranked Draft: Core Set 2020
BO1 Win: 7 Loss: 3
19 Jul — 07 Oct (80d left)

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Mastery System and Master Pass: All You Need To Know

What is the Mastery System? The Mastery System is a way for players to earn experience and unlock rewards by playing Magic: The Gathering Arena. What’s the difference between “Account Mastery” and “Set Mastery”? Players complete [ more...]

M20 is Going Live Today, Jul 2nd!

Jay Parker, MTG Arena‘s new game director, has a lot to tell you more about the core features and core set coming to you July 2 with the game update. RANKED DRAFT On the topic [ more...]

The First Mythic Championship on MTG Arena June 21-31

Competition for prize pool of $750,000 begun! You can watch live coverage here: https://www.twitch.tv/magic Each Arena player can qualify Qualification process looks this way. The top sixteen Challengers from MTG Arena Mythic Qualifier Weekends will ultimately [ more...]