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Ravnica Allegiance is coming to MTGA

Starting on January 17th, Ravnica Allegiance will be available in Magic: The Gathering Arena. Ravnica Allegiance adds 273 new cards to MTG Arena and introduces five Guilds on top of the five that came with Guilds of Ravnica: Azorius, Simic, Gruul, Rakdos, [ more...]

Unbelievably Generous Duplicate Protection

Duplicate protection is coming to Magic the Gathering Arena with the January 17th, 2019 game update! This has been a feature many of you have been asking for, and devs are happy to announce that in a [ more...]

Updated Phase Ladder

In the latest update Phase Ladder was significantly improved. Devs moved the Phase Ladder to a more minimalistic style to take up less space on the screen. The current Phase/Step you’re in is important, but not [ more...]