Magic Core Set 2019 is Live in MTG Arena!

Update v. 06.00.00 was released on July,12 2018 and here is short list of what we’ve got in MTGA. And I can assure you, it’s big!

New Player Experience

  • When you launch Magic: The Gathering Arena, you will automatically be taken to the first of a series of new tutorial games. These short games will review the basics of playing Magic: The Gathering Arena as you battle against different computer-controlled opponents.
  • Upon completing the series of tutorial games, you will be rewarded with five mono-color decks that you can use right away to start playing.
  • Also, upon completing the tutorial games, you will have a new series of quests available to you. As you complete each quest objective, you will earn rewards from a pool of prizes that that includes gold, M19 boosters, and new multi-color decks!
  • The NPE is currently only available in English but will be localized in the future.
  • To facilitate the creation of the NPE and to transition players smoothly into the normal play experience we’ve introduced some MTG Arena exclusive cards that are Standard-legal for MTG Arena.

Changes in the Economy

  • PayPal is now an available payment option through the website.
  • You can now switch from USD to Euros in the client.
    • Known issue: When switching to Euros, no purchases will be available. You can still pay in Euros at the moment through PayPal.
  • Players will receive three packs of Core Set 2019 to get started with the new set!
  • Players will receive four copies of each of the common dual lands from Core Set 2019.
  • Weekly-win bonus packs are now Core Set 2019.
  • Core Set 2019 boosters can be purchased in the store for both gold and gems.
  • New Wildcard radials added to the Packs scene to award additional Wildcards for opening packs.
  • To make these Wildcard changes possible, the chances of Wildcards in packs (except common) have been reduced. Also, no Vault progress is awarded for opening packs.
    • In total, players receive the same amount on average each rarity of wildcard per pack as before, but the methods of acquiring them are now different.
    • The guaranteed drop rate in packs for Mythics and Rare Wildcards are both every 30 packs, Uncommon Wildcards every six, and Common Wildcards every five.
    • To respect progress players have earned toward the Vault in the existing system, players are awarded one Vault’s worth of wildcards regardless of current Vault progress (one Mythic Wildcard, two Rare Wildcards, and three Uncommon Wildcards).

Changes in Match

  • Players now get time added to their timer for doing a wider range of actions.
  • Added time to the timer for performing actions increased to 7 seconds from 5 seconds.
  • Stacks of lands should no longer shift out from under your cursor when clicking them manually.
  • When selecting whether or not to kick a spell, you can now see the auto-tap preview as you hover over the options.
  • When multiple different replacement effects apply simultaneously, players can now select the order in which they want to apply them (identical replacement effects are auto-ordered).
  • When a card needs to be scrolled to read all the text, there is now a clear indicator for this.
  • Rules text scales down to fit better into the text boxes; scrolling will only occur when the text can’t scale down enough.
  • When your opponent scrys, they will now say the result of the scry in an emote (e.g. “2 top, 1 bottom”).
  • Pressing the “End Turn” button or the enter key will now pass unless your opponent acts and you can respond. Shift-enter will hard pass your turn no matter what.
  • Updated the indicators for attacking creatures to better clarify who is and isn’t blocked. Unblocked attackers have a red attack arrow, and blocked attackers have a yellow attack arrow (even if their blocker has been removed)
  • When a creature can attack as though it did not have defender, the defender badge on the creature has a slash across it to indicate this (for Arcades, the Strategist).
  • When a creature is under an effect that would protect or prevent damage to or from it, there are now indicators around the power and toughness to call this out. White indicators around toughness indicate a protection effect, red indicators around power indicate a prevention effect. You can mouse over the cards for additional details.
  • Critters have been added to the battlefield.
  • You can now disable evergreen keyword reminder icons in the Adjust Options>Gameplay menu while in a match.

Changes in Events

  • The place to play single-game matches without paying gold or gems is now called “Free Play” instead of Ladder Constructed and can be found prominently as the big region on the left of the Home scene.
    • Free Play will be matching players based on a combination of their rank as well as how strong their deck is.
  • We are adding “Competitive Play,” which is a place to play best-of-three matches without paying gold or gems. You can find it from the Home scene through the Play button.
  • Competitive Draft is switching to Core Set 2019.
  • On Friday, July 20, MTG Arena will be having a stress test from 12 PM to 8 PM PT (19:00–3:00 UTC). During this window, there will be two special events available:
    • Half-entry Core Set 2019 Quick Draft: This will cost half as much gold (5000 to 2500) or half as many gems (from 750 to 375) as normal Quick Draft, but will have the same rewards!
    • Stress Test Constructed: This event will cost no gold or gems to join. Each win earns you better ICRs, and the last two wins (sixth and seventh) even add boosters. One loss will knock you out, but of course with no gold or gems required, you can just play in it again!
  • Upcoming Quick Draft Schedule!
    • July 12–July 19: Aether Revolt / Kaladesh
    • July 19–July 26: Hour of Devastation Amonkhet
    • July 26–August 2: Core Set 2019
    • August 2–August 9: Dominaria
    • August 9–August 16: Amonkhet
  • Quick Singleton returns! It will be up from August 9–August 23.
  • Brewer’s Delight is a new event we are trying to assist brewers in constructing some out-of-meta decks. Running from July 26–August 9, this event requires 250 gold or 50 gems to join, and players play until they have won three games or lost three games. Like Free Play, players will be matched based on their rank as well as their deck strength. Rewards are card suites selected by designers to help build some fun out-of-meta decks we think are great for Free Play, but we also think this event is unlikely to attract competitive players, so Brewers should be able to get some great matches in this event, too! You’ll get all the cards listed for your number of wins from one a random suite based on the following table:
Zero wins One win Two wins Three wins
Adorned Pouncer 0 0 1 2
Regal Caracal 0 1 1 2
Sacred Cat 1 1 1 1
Longtusk Cub 1 1 1 1
Metalwork Colossus
The Antiquities War 0 0 1 2
Metalwork Colossus 0 1 1 2
Glint-Nest Crane 1 1 1 1
Foundry Inspector 1 1 1 1
Brass’s Bounty 0 0 1 2
Revel in Riches 0 1 1 2
Trove of Temptation 1 1 1 1
Wily Goblin 1 1 1 1