MTG Arena Pro Restored!

Hi guys! We are back! Glad to see you all on our pages again!

Here’s some things you should know:

  • All user data is gone. Yeah, it sucks, but we did everything we could. But from now on, we are using failure-proof services, and this will never happen again. So you can add new decks and don’t be afraid of new wipe.
  • You need to set up your profile again. You can input nick and all other parameters here:
  • International cards are briefly unavailable. We will add them ASAP.
  • Site may contain some bugs, so feel free to point those out on our reddit or github.
  • Tracker functionality is fully restored, but you need new token and perform FULL RESET!

Welcome! And let’s make MTG Arena Pro Great Again 😉 Only with your help it may happen!