Practicing & Mastering Magic in the March Update

Practice Match

In our current version of the new-player experience, Sparky walks you through a few tutorial matches, rewards you with some decks, and then . . . kicks you into the deep end of the mana pool. Since Magic: The Gathering can be a pretty complex game, rewarding new players with a bunch of decks and then telling them to have fun against other players isn’t always the easiest way to learn.

Well, Sparky’s back, and this time she’s not on your side of the battlefield.

Starting next week, you’ll be able to queue up for Practice Matches in MTG Arena. Whether you’re looking to try out a new deck or simply brush up on your skills, Sparky is here to offer a helping hand (or rather, hand-like manifestation of a Planewalker’s latent power) to every player in MTG Arena. And if you happen to be one of our newer players, you’ll be able to use practice matches to gain experience, level up, and progress toward mastering how to play Magic: The Gathering.



. . . And that’s not hyperbole. Another change we’re making with the March update is an update to our progression system for players new to the game. Players starting off in MTG Arena will now earn experience when they play, and each level will unlock new rewards—including gold, deck upgrades, and more! Part of this new progression system includes a mastery tree, allowing players to gradually learn more about the five colors of mana and how each type of deck plays:


Players can “skip the tour” if they wish to unlock all the different play queues, but you’ll still need to play in order to earn your rewards. For our existing players, the good news is that if you’ve already completed the new player quest chain and unlocked all the deck rewards, we’re not going to make you go through and do it all again. Even better news, you’ll still receive any of the new rewards players can earn as a part of this updated system. (Hint: Check your email once the update is live!)

We hope the new progression system combined with practice matches will make it easier for newer players to learn how to play Magic: The Gathering, as well as help them discover what kind of decks they like to play—from the giant creatures of green, to the cool control of blue, to the deadly ambitions of black, to the . . . you get the idea.


To celebrate both the March update and the upcoming Mythic Invitational, we’re also going to be holding a special event: Treasure Constructed. In Treasure Constructed, at the beginning of each of your upkeeps, you create an artifact Treasure token which you can sacrifice to create one mana of any color. To make this event extra special, we will be offering the event with no entry fee! You can participate as many times as you like without having to spend gold or Gems. And remember when we mentioned how special events will be one of the ways you can earn card skins? You can probably see where this is going: Players who get one or more wins before two match losses will receive a card style for Skewer the Critics. If you manage to get to five wins before two losses, you’ll receive a card style for both Skewer the Critics and Chemister’s Insight.

No entry fee. Card style rewards. Event starts March 29!

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